Would the double hit of the economic crisis and killer workloads hold back directors and managers attending the 2009 DIA European Medical Information & Communications conference in Nice, France?

No Way. When times get tough, we need to communicate more, meet face to face more, listen more. Putting your head down and trying to swim against the tsunami of work may be your first instinctive reaction to survival but it’s not sustainable. It’s a fast track to stress, isolation and ill health.

So it was a relief to see more than 80 people crowd into the MI track of the Clinical Forum meeting. There were sessions on;

  • the first steps to creating a value proposition
  • creating a European network of MI professionals
  • what we need to know about the MI scene in the US
  • restructure plans for gsk and Pfizer; bold approaches from big pharma
  • proving the value of knowledge advisor roles in AZ
  • 24/7 – 3 different approaches at Sanofi-Aventis
  • making outsourcing easier – checklists and project plans
  • maintaining the quality of the outsourced Lilly MI service
  • finding and keeping the best people
  • making customer surveys work for you
  • the rocky road of the EU information to patients proposals
  • small changes – big impact; improve your patient safety data
  • spot check – could you do more for patients?
  • auditing the AZ MI service in 17 European countries – a cost effective solution
  • validating your global MI systems – inspiration & lessons from UCB
  • implementing a global one-stop-shop knowledge system in Merck-Serono
  • taking global knowledge repositiories to the next level in UCB

Come back tomorrow for just some of the highlights from Nice.