Compressing my presentation!

Compressing my presentation!

Have you ever needed to compress your presentation so it’s easier to email but not sure how to do it quickly and effectively, with little loss of quality?


I like to use images and pictures as often as possible but it means the PowerPoint file becomes massive.  I don’t have a restriction on the file size I can send but many companies have incoming email restrictions of 5MB.  I can’t share the file by Dropbox as that is often blocked too.

You might also want to compress a file to put it up on your intranet.


So how can you do this is a few clicks?  


Luckily I have a great team that work with me and My Ops Director Jo Sparkes is a wizard with software, especially Excel.  So this tip comes courtesy of Jo.


1) Click on a picture/image/photo in your presentation

2) Select the Format picture option in the drop down toolbox

3) You should see the option Compress

4) Choose compress all pictures and the option for emailing or display or whatever best fits your needs.



So my 55MB file becomes a more reasonable 3.3 MB.


Now I just have to present it later this week at the PIPA 2014 conference.  Sneak preview shown……

Compressing my presentation!