If you measure something, what do you do with the data? As we all know, information is only powerful if it is acted upon. So what do you do with all those numbers and measures you collect? Does it drive your strategy or help your business or does it just clog up your computer with gigabytes of data.

This came home to me recently as I got a great gadget to measure my runs whilst I listened to workout music. Since I moved to the Welsh borders, running, walking & cycling are easy to do & more rewarding due to the beautiful scenery and lack of pollution.

So when I was out running with a friend, I noticed she had a tiny monitor strapped to her trainers. It’s a flash little gadget that couples up to an iPod. Whilst you listen to music, it counts your strides so works out how far you’ve run, your exercise time and so calculates your speed and calories burned (a Nike+iPod for any other running fans). She raved about it’s benefits and I respect her knowledge so bought one on a business trip to the US.

“So it’s just a fancy pedometer” snorted a sceptical friend. Why waste so much money when you can use a £2 pedometer. I can still run with an iPod so there’s no great advantage.

Or is there? If I beat my running speed, Lance Armstrong comes on and says well done. I can track my runs from the Nike website, so it motivates me to go do more running. And a big USP is that I love toys like this. What’s wrong with fun?

So all that data helps me get better at what I enjoy whilst being fun. It speaks to the competitive side of me whilst improving my performance.

Can we honestly say that we do the same with all that data we collect in Medical Information? Do your enquiry stats & KPIs help make you better at what you do? How does it help your team or your customers? Data is no use unless you can make an action.

Have you got a widget that could help you be better than you are right now?

Can you put some fun into your job? One team used to have a competition to see who could predict the total enquiry numbers each month. The closest prediction won a prize. It meant that we all knew how the month was going and just how busy we all were – great for team spirit.