I know I keep saying that the Regulatory Framework “book” is almost finished….


but finally it is almost finished.RegsBookCover


Well, the most difficult part is almost done, which is the writing.  Editing the content and publishing it are simple in comparison.

And it’s not really a book as such.  It’s more an electronic resource, than a book, which explains the regulations and what they mean in practice.  With hundreds of links, an electronic format makes more sense than just a paper copy.


After 3 years of research, writing, rewriting, further research, more rewriting and even more research (regulations do not stand still!), the first edition is almost done.


So what have I learnt?


1) Think very carefully before committing to writing a book, or editing a book.  Have you really got the time to be able to devote to it?  I must have spent 100s of hours on the content, even with help from 2 Medical Information consultants.


2) Is it needed?  Whilst it’s true that there are new business models for self publishing material,  you still have to find a readership


3) Why are you doing it? Vanity? Because someone suggested it? It seemed a good idea at the time?  You have this burning desire to share your expertise? All of the above?


4) Do you have the skills to do it?  Not everyone can write in a style that is readable, clear and informative.  Of course, I could be kidding myself that I think I can….


But don’t give up!


I committed to writing 2 chapters for the Pharmaceutical and Medicines Information Management book (on management and self development) whilst I had a energetic toddler who didn’t sleep well and a full time job working for a company going through a major merger.  With 2 sets of Medical Information & Drug Safety teams at opposite ends of the country, it was no joke trying to write as well as implement major change, recruit new staff and lead 4 teams.  Looking back I think it was worth it, as it’s a great addition to a CV.


So I think I must be mad to even consider it but I’ve already got a next e-book planned.  But let’s get our regulatory book published first!