Our key customers already have compelling conversations about our medicines using professional social networks like Sermo, Facebook pages (like AZ with Nexium) and Twitter (like Boehringer, Novartis, Janssen etc). The explosion of use of social media is highly relevant to Medical Information. It’s not just about marketing and promotion, it’s about dialogue and meaningful relationships with customers and consumers. We need to be where the conversations about our medicines are taking place.

This in-depth 24 page report will

  • explain why the busy Medical Communications professional needs to know about social media
  • give some examples of how companies are using social media in a medical communications context
  • tell you more about the tools and sites that people use and how you can get started
  • suggest some safe, easy ways you can incorporate social media in your job and career

There are numerous free web resources on using social media but my guide saves you time by explaining what you need to know to get up to speed now without a lot of irrelevant information.

Purchase a copy (via PayPal) for your own personal use at £75 plus VAT (total £88.13).