Training & Coaching

PenWriting Global Response Content in English

Can a standard MI customer response meet the needs of many affiliates?

If you get it right, yes!

Available in 1 – 2 day programme, this tailored course covers:

  • What do customers want?
  • Writing responses in Plain English
  • Getting the right content, structure & visual appearance

Incorporating the latest ideas in data visualization, I will coach your personnel to write focused responses that your customers will want to read!



MI Basic and Advanced Training

Training Knowledge MP910220928Need basic or advanced skills training in Medical Information/Affairs? I have run over 20 courses for clients as well as annual courses for the UK Pharmaceutical Information & Pharmacovigilance Association. Choose the topics you want included;

  • Regulations – global, European and national
  • Finding the best information for your customer
  • Evaluating clinical information for customer responses
  • Satisfying customers
  • Writing responses customers want to read
  • Communicating with patients
  • Inspection ready! Compliant MI services
  • Proving your value – metrics that matter
  • Boost your partnerships – working with sales and marketing
  • Implementing change
  • Influencing and negotiating skills

coachingCoaching for success

Have you stepped into a bigger role and need a coach to keep you on track and help you shine in your job?


Do you need an independent MI expert and coach to help you transform your function or act as a sounding board?


As an experienced senior manager and personal mentor, I have coached many MI managers or senior staff (based on the GROW model) and helped my clients shine in their roles.


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