Audits & Tools

Audit checklist on a deskMedical Information Audits

You’ve got the global SOP, MI system and many standard responses. But what is really happening in the affiliates? A Pharmacovigilance Audit will tell you part of the story… but not all.

  • Are they using the responses you provide?
  • How good is the out of hours service?
  • Is there regular structured feedback from customers?

As an experienced MI professional in operations, management and audit, I can deliver an MI audit on part or all of your global MI operations plus a CAPA plan to fill the gaps. Find out what is really being delivered to customers and how you can deliver consistent customer service.



Business strategy planBenchmark surveys

How do your MI operations compare with other companies? What systems do companies use to manage MI inquiries? What innovative technologies are being exploited for commercial gain


Based on interviews with MI management, find out how you compare with your competitors





Customer Surveys, Dashboards & other Tools

Working with an expert in Excel and Visual Basic, we have designed many tools to help MI managers including:

  • Online customer satisfaction surveys that feed into a dashboard of KPIs
  • MI Competency Frameworks with tools for tracking capability and identifying gaps
  • Compliance dashboards and automatic reports


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