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  • An hour long free telecast on a survey of 163 managers responsible for Med. Info. across Europe. Medical Information Across Europe. A telecast by Sharon Leighton. Nov 09.mp3 [30.65units_m]
  • A walkthrough explaining how you can download and listen to telecasts and other audio files from this website. How to download and listen to telecasts.pdf [90.36units_k]


  • Best practice guidelines in Medical Information/Medical Affairs. Developed at DIA October 2007 Clinical Forum – Medical Information & Communications track. Best Practice Guidelines in Medical Information. October 2007.pdf [55.32units_k]


  • A one page performance review sheet. Sections for both manager and teamworker to complete. Performance reviews.pdf [26.60units_k]
  • A cheat sheet on how to download podcasts through iTunes. Finding podcasts on iTunes.pdf [878.80units_k]
  • A worksheet to create a personal development plan. Personal development Plan.pdf [44.15units_k]

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