Weather PhoenixDo you have that big push to get everything done before you have to go off for a week’s business trip? Suddenly it’s imperative to do all of your “To Do” list (yes, those things that you ignored for at least a month)?

Many of us are “Just-In-Time” people (bordering on Just Too Late sometimes).As we approach that deadline, we get energised to get it all done but it comes at a price for me. I start the trip shattered as I’m usually up until the small hours of the night packing.

So seeing the weather in Phoenix where I am off to on Saturday, my first thought was YeeHaa! Sun! Warmth! Dry air! Not the damp, grey days that we’ve had all winter. It’s the annual DIA US Medical & Scientific Communications workshop so will be a full-on week with amazing talks, catching up with old friends and meeting new people.

Weather Phoenix

Next thought – organise yourself now, not Friday night.

So what would be on my checklist?

  • Equipment – chargers, adaptors, X-mini speaker and iPhone headset
  • PASSPORT – so easy to forget the obvious!
  • Domestic – right clothes available? money for my cleaner? replenished toiletries (all under 100ml to go through airport security)? Earplugs? Medicines?
  • Downloads – with iCloud & Dropbox solutions we don’t need to worry about synching devices so much but do you have the right material on your iPad/laptop?
  • Contingency – after someone accidentally took my passport at Vienna airport, I make sure I have a copy of my passport & other identity documents on my phone/iPad/laptop/cloud server.
  • Business cards. I still meet people who say they forgot to take enough business cards
  • Fake wallet/purse If you are travelling to a country know for mugging/pickpockets, you might want to have a cheap wallet/purse with fake credit card/old currency with very little value to offer up.
  • Money/Taxi/Car Park you probably have someone who does this for you but if you don’t – easy to overlook when you are busy!
  • ESTA Off to the US? Don’t forget to register where you are staying & trip dates.
  • Deputy To avoid calling work so much, have you got someone who can deputise for you? Just because we CAN stay connected with the office all the time doesn’t mean we SHOULD do this. We all need time out!

So now you should be feeling a lot more zen-like about going off on your trip. But the most important thing is…….

“Have fun and make the most of your time meeting people!”

Do you really need to check your phone/Blackberry every 10 minutes? Could you be more mindful and make the most of the time you spend with people?

Wherever you go, I hope you have a successful trip!