• EU collaborations
  • selling safety to sales reps
  • patient information website
  • educating your company colleagues on your products

These were the 4 topics for the PIPA 2008 Information Impact awards presentations. The judges had a tough job as it was so difficult to choose the best!

The winner was Allergan. Anna Dennis & Cathryn Smith from Allergan showed how they successfully led the way to create a European enquiry management system (based on NIP’s MedInfoSys). But the success of their project went beyond a database to create a collaboration of the 5 major EU medical information departments. The success is spreading as more countries across the world want to join in!

Tracey Crooks & Stephen Mackay from Reckitt Benckiser showed a YouTube-like video of a pantomime the Medical department acted out at their annual sales conference. Using a parody of the Wizard of Oz, they gave an entertaining & engaging performance to educate & encourage sales reps to report adverse events. After the panto, the reps recall of the key messages was 99%! A fantastic way to present a dry topic.

One thing we take for granted is our wide knowledge of the products our companies sell. Most company employees know a little about the blockbusters but not many people know the full product portfolio. Elizabeth Gwynne from Boehringer Ingelheim showcased their award winning campaign to educate employees on their product portfolio. Using employee updates or divisional meetings as a vehicle, the Medical Information team gave 43 presentations on Boehringer Ingelheim products. Their challenge was to create a short, non-promotional presentation suitable for non-scientists. The impact was that employees had a greater sense of the benefits that their medicines give to patients and understanding about the company itself.

Last but not least was the Simply4Patients website presented by Sarah Shandall, AstraZeneca. This patient-focused website aims to give more detailed disease & product information presented in a factual, non-promotional style. Like all projects, the path to success was not smooth! Gaining stakeholder buy-in was critical.