newsletter 1There was no delaying it. It had to be done.

Mona sighed and flipped through the 10 page document. It was bad enough that she had to fill it in for her own performance review. To make matters worse, she had to prepare them for her 5 team members. Then there was the 360 degree feedback. How was she going to get the tone just right?

  • Encouraging (but don’t expect too big a pay rise).
  • Well done (with the hint of greater things to come).
  • Pull your socks up (I’m on the warpath).

Wouldn’t it be better if it could all be captured on just 1 page? After all she had that product launch to manage, 2008 objectives to write, holiday rosters; the list was endless.

For many people, December evokes thoughts of presents, pleasure, parties, and… performance reviews.
Not quite the same image is it! Here are 10 hot tips on getting the best from your reviews, no matter which side of the desk you sit on.

All you have to do is PLAN AHEAD

P reparation. Be clear about what outcome you want and what message you want to convey.
L eave enough time. Give enough notice to your staff. Only do a few per day. Leave gaps between reviews for breaks and write ups.
A chievements & Alignment. What are the 3 most significant achievements of the year? Do they align with company goals & their objectives?
N o surprises. Whether the review result will be very good, average or below expectations, both of you would have had regular reviews throughout the year.

A sk for feedback. For your own review, ask your manager, ask a peer, ask your team. Keep it simple. What do I do that you value? What development would you suggest?
H ow did they achieve their goals? Did they win friends & influence people or are there dead bodies left in their wake! It’s about consistency with company values and acceptable behaviours.
E xtras. Can you give them credit for extra projects or responsibilities?
A nnotate. Make sufficient notes for the final document. You won’t remember those key facts when you finally write up the summary in a month’s time!
D evelopment. What development needs are there? If it’s not clear, look at the feedback and “how” objectives were achieved. Remember to build on strengths not just weaknesses.

So what about number 10? Celebrate!

I bet it was a tough year but you are bound to have some real highs to reflect on. Some of you might have reviews in March/April instead. Well, look at it positively – you’ve got a 3 month start!

PS Think the one page performance review is just not possible? Download my version on my resource centre and try it out!