Another person, another statistic. Another short email from a friend explaining they no longer had a job.

Someone I’ve known for many years has just heard his job no longer exists. Having been in the same situation, the memories come back. That niggling worry that it might happen to you is confirmed and suddenly you are in uncharted territory.

What do you do?
Try to find another position, in a reducing employment pool when you are the wrong side of 40 (or 50!)?
Launch yourself into “consultancy” whatever that means.
Rethink and finally fulfill that dream of becoming a writer, teacher, whatever?

What would I suggest?

  • First don’t panic! You have choices. What is your financial situation? Most pharma companies have generous settlements compared with other industry sectors. Can you be topped up in other benefits besides salary? Everyone should ideally have 6 months salary in savings to tide them over.
  • Outplacement is fantastic if you make the most of it. It helped me be more positive, get feedback on my CV, USPs and gave me a goal to work towards. I used Penna & had a great executive coach in Margaret Morley. She helped to take a step back and evaluate what I wanted, what I offered and fix goals. It was my experience with Penna that fixed my fascination with coaching others.
  • Be kind to yourself. You’ll go through a rollercoaster of emotions which is stressful. Don’t bottle it up – who can be sounding board for you? Exercise is a great stress buster. Running did it for me. Plus I got much fitter & healthier – great side effects!
  • Be open to others stories. It helps you realise you are not alone and may help you validate your own experiences & emotions. I contacted people I knew who had gone through the same to see what I could learn from them.
  • Use your network. You’d be amazed how many people you know who may be able to put you in touch with someone who can help you or tell you more about various jobs. Not got a good network? Time to learn!
  • Make the most of the time to just stop, pause and think. Our lives are so busy, intense and action-packed that we don’t often get the time out to re-evaluate our life. Which brings me onto my last point…….
  • Involve your partner & loved ones. It’s probably even more unsettling for them as they’re worried for you & concerned about the impact on them/the family.

“You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength” Marcus Aurelius