Hi! Welcome to a new thread on managing yourself, your team and your boss.

I’ve had great managers and not so great managers but nothing really prepared me for management until my big chance came and I had to start recruiting staff. Just like a relationship, it started off so well but with time things started to niggle. I may have been great at my information/training/systems jobs but I wasn’t so hot as a manager.

Slowly it dawns on you – did I do the right thing, wanting to manage other people? There were days when I felt that if I was doing a 60% good job then it was a good day. It wasn’t that the people were necessarily difficult, after all I had picked them, hadn’t I? It wasn’t that the work was too boring or too challenging. It was just that I needed to learn to start from the bottom again. Trainers call it “conscious incompetence” (whereas I started out with subconscious incompetence!)

It got me thinking…. what do I wish I knew then that I know now? Maybe I could have avoided a few tough lessons and experienced less angst. Here’s just a few of them

  • It’s not always them, it’s sometimes you. We’re not all perfect. Forgive yourself more, learn and move on
  • Listening and flexibility are powerful infuencing behaviours. You’re a manager so that you can use the power of all your team, not just you and a team of clones
  • The best teams include a few mavericks. Creativity and innovation come from original minds.
  • Listen to your instinct but don’t forget reason and logic. If it feels like a bad decision, it probably is! Can you sleep on it or talk it through with a buddy before you have to decide? Maybe that niggling feeling will manifest itself.

Does that strike a chord with you? Want to share? Email – Sharon Leighton

Now that I work with so many people, in different circumstances and from more varied professions, it’s a good time to share some experiences, hopefully hit some right chords and give you some hot tips! Watch this space……