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Globalization of the Medical Information (MI) function is essential for any successful pharmaceutical company to be efficient, effective and compliant. Regulatory and legal compliance has been a major business driver over the last 10 years. As MI operations are included in Pharmacovigilance inspections, compliance is improved by operational alignment regionally and globally. When the scientific evidence base has global reach, companies must have consistent answers, so the same question always gives same answer globally but aligned to the local product label.


Different companies globalize the MI function in different ways with variable levels of centralization and we have produced an infographic of the detailed road map for regionalization and globalization, based on insights from multiple company presentations over the last 10 years of the DIA MI & Communications (US and European) and an online global survey of 168 MI respondents, run during 2012.


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Any questions? Why not contact me!  Thank you to Tom Green, our information analyst and designer, and Joanne Sparkes, my Operations Director, for creative input and bringing the infographic to life.