Sometimes we’re so busy looking for those pearls of wisdom that we get caught unawares by something we’re not expecting. Today I had one of those moments here at the DIA conference in the Social Media session. Like many others I struggle to find a clear way ahead with social media and medical communications. It tantalises us with so many possibilities but every time we think we can engage in a meaningful dialogue, we trip up on regulations, legalities and risk mitigation.

Social media means living without control. To help explain that concept, Rebecca Vermeulen introduced us to a new concept; Blending. In short, blending is life without the control, boundaries and guilt. Even shorter – liberation.

Forget the work-life balance; that was the unattainable Holy Grail, the impossible nirvana, the impractical dream. Did you strive to keep work in one place and life in another? As a working Mum, those attempts to maximise time at work whilst keeping the family happy by not bringing work home were often doomed to failure.

But with a blending lifestyle we have the freedom to make life a mash-up. You can check emails at 5.36 a.m., do school run at 8.30, back at your desk at 9.00, take a lunch break at 1.20, back to the school run at 3.15, family time until 8.00 then back on the laptop until 10.00. It all blends together. The biggest drivers have been the wide adoption of Blackberries & iPhone. So we are not only available to take calls or texts but also email, Facebook, Tweets and YouTube.

So banish work-life balance and embrace blending.