Have you ever wished you could refer to a well presented, comprehensive list of medicines information sources?

And wouldn’t it be great of it also gave you guidance on answering questions on complex situations, like use in pregnancy, renal impairment or use with complementary medicines.

Well, now it’s here! For a while the UK Medicines Information Pharmacists group (UKMi) have published comprehensive sets of guidelines, SOPs and policies on providing medicines information in either reactive settings (enquiries) or proactively (bulletins and Q&As) on their website (www.ukmi.nhs.uk)

They have just add Enquiry Answering Guidelines to their website. Taking a look through the document, I wished I had this years ago, for training or coaching my new staff members who encountered a situation for the first time.

It has it’s limitations – the links may not work as they are cross reference NHS access sources. Also what is free to the NHS, may be a fee-based service for commercial organisations.

All the same, it’s worth the look!