Que? I haven’t been having language lessons nor do I have a Slovakian friend- yet! I’ve been using a helpful shortcut. Do you want to brush up on your Slovene ready for the DIA Medical Information & Communications meeting in October?

No really. You can now easily say Hello and “Thank You in Slovene. Two essential phrases for any visitor!

Today is the European Day of Languages and the BBC have got a great webpage with links to essential phrases in 36 languages. You can now read and listen to 12 phrases in Slovene that you can’t live without. Download the MPEG files to your media player or iPod to take with you.

Despite English becoming the most common language used in business and leisure all over the world, it’s always good to know some local phrases. It’s interesting to see what the BBC regarded as the 12 key sentences . Many are obvious, like I need help or where is the toilet?. Personally, I need the phrase Two beers please!

And “Dobrodosli! Govorite anglesko?”, what do they mean? Why, “Welcome” and “do you speak English?” of course!