Well that was fun! Last week was the 11th DIA Medical Information & Communications, Europe conference in sunny Barcelona, Spain.


But, of course, we all spent most of our time in subterranean conference rooms, made more bearable by the interesting and inspiring conference program.


My notes ran to a 26-page document and there’s no way you have time to read that!


So here’s my 5 key takeaways from the conference, in case you missed it.


#1 Insights


One of the hot topics is Customer Insights, plus, of course, Customer Experience.


Hear about the highlights on insights in the 1 minute video below



#2 Infographics

Infographics are mainstream now. Here’s a sign spotted on the beach in Barcelona.




But they are increasingly used in MI:  about 50% of the delegates polled said they use infographics. So what did we hear about how they can help our internal (or external) communications?


#3 Collaborations


Luckily MI people are naturally collaborative. It’s our altruistic nature coming out. So we already have one critical success factor in our favour.


The video talks about industry collaborations in Spain but we also had an update about the MILE initiative.


Now a legal entity with Dr Lillian Auberson as its President and Jill Voss as the Vice-President, they have bold ambitions to improve access to our medical information for HCPs and patients. Having moved fast quite quickly, I’m sure they will succeed.


#4 Content


Content is King! We know that our customers come to us for access to unique information, like off-label information, data on file or clinical trial results.
And how we evaluate, collate and present that information is another USP. The video talks about component authoring and how our standard responses are perceived by HCPs


#5 AI – Artificial Intelligence


The years buzz word is AI! The concept is not new, especially if you’re a fan of Issac Assimov and other classic SciFi novels.


The last session of the meeting covered the realities of AI from 2 perspectives: a vendor and a GMI practitioner.


And we also heard about the customer centric future of MI from Simon Young, Blue Latitude. He shared a video of Florence AI aiding key points during the patient and HCP journey.


And I’ve slipped one more takeaway, as I always like to add value!


Questions about regulations came up several times during the conference during the Q&A sessions. Yet in most instances, the speakers had to admit they weren’t sure about the regulatory, codes or laws for the countries mentioned or discussed. I couldn’t resist piping up with; “we have a resource to help you with that!”


The Regulatory Framework is the key challenge for Global or Regional MI leaders.


How do you find out the truth about the regulatory framework and how it applies? Your local affiliate may say it’s in the regulations but often they don’t know which one or the exact wording. In our MI world regulations and codes are as much myths as truth.


So over the last 5 years we have compiled and interpreted the regulatory framework relevant to MI for 3 major regions: Europe, Asia Pacific and North America.


One Resource, One Place


We believe this is the definitive resource to understand the complex regulatory framework. Collated by 6 MI experts, the website and accompanying book is an essential reference source for anyone managing a MI service from a Pharma company or vendor.


Got budget left? You can buy it now at the 2017 price (£2500 + VAT) here. The price will be increasing on 1st January 2018 to £3000 + VAT.