DIA 2012Shining the Light on the Value of Medical Communications.

The hot topic dominating the US 2012 US Medical Communications workshop has got to be the draft FDA guidelines on the provision of off-label information. When the FDA published them over the Christmas/New Year break, the social media digital marketing community went berserk! Tweeting, sharing and liking like crazy. They’d been waiting for the FDA to make some pronouncement on using social media for the past 2 years. Anything was better than something.But then it sunk in – this was a narrow view for them. However this was our territory! Responsibly sharing scientific information in a safe harbour environment is one of our key defining responsibilities. So this has got to be the session to watch.

So the Med Comms take on off-label communications over the next few days is what has the discussion been so far? What different angles have been challenging various pharma medical affairs colleagues?

In an content-packed programme, what are the other features? This workshop for me is a chance to catch up with my US friends, meet new folks and update myself on the diversity of med comms as it’s practiced in the US. Call centres, compliance, MSL practice, research projects from the pharmacy residents & cutting edge practice in the Podium Pearls session.

I’m looking forward to

  • Tutorial on Compliance in Medical Information, including Joyce Martin, Genentech
  • Discussion on off-label information provision
  • How the FDA practices drug information
  • Multichannel MI
  • Capturing customer insights
  • Patient communications (from the land of DTC)
  • Physician use of digital tools

and, of course,

  • Globalising Medical Information

So time to flex my fingers for rapid typing, try to tweet (wifi willing) as @sharonleighton + the #medcomms hashtag and hopefully snatch some time to blog the highlights! You’ll miss the great company and stimulating discussions but if you get the chance, do try to make it to the 2013 workshop. You won’t be disappointed!