Dearest Blog,

I’m sorry that you have been so neglected lately and feel like you are not wanted. Believe me when I say that I think about you so much and long to spend more time with you. I know I’ve been so preoccupied lately with that exciting PIPA project. It won’t be for ever though and we can spend some equally exciting time together. I know you get jealous about the other projects that keep cropping up (especially as I can’t tell you about them) but it is my job, and you know how much I love it.

But now I’m in Phoenix for the annual DIA Med Comms conference, we can spend some more time together – in fact you’ll be in my thoughts all week 🙂 It’s the ideal opportunity. While I’m away from home, I have much more time. There are no interruptions like household logistics, school runs, boxes to unpack (did I tell you I moved house?), utilities to battle with and zombie invasions (I know, I must stop playing that game….).

I can’t wait to be with you and promise that we’ll meet up at least once a month from now on,

Your devoted slave (well, for this week anyway),
Sharon xxxx