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Speaking at a conference. 10 things not to do

The DIA US Medical Communications conference is huge. Huge in reputation and huge in attendance figures (~350 people). All the key people come here to learn and network. But it’s also got the young blood of the industry pharmacy residents. One session got me thinking, “What’s all those things you really shouldn’t do when you’re presenting at a conference.”

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Are you employing Welcomers or Robots?

“Hello, my lovely” , said the FedEx man delivering books. What a way to wow your customers. This was how the Fed Ex delivery man greeted me when he handed me over my signed copies of Richard Shapiro’s new book on unlocking the secrets of repeat business. I’ve known Richard Shapiro for a while so he promised me 2 signed copies of his book: The Welcomer Edge. Unlocking the Secrets to Repeat Business.

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DIA 2012 US Med Comms Workshop (includes FDA Off-label Information)

Shining the Light on the Value of Medical Communications. The hot topic dominating the US 2012 US Medical Communications workshop has got to be the draft FDA guidelines on the provision of off-label information. When the FDA published them over the Christmas/New Year break, the social media digital marketing community went berserk! Tweeting, sharing and liking like crazy. They’d been waiting for the FDA to make some pronouncement on using social media for the past 2 years. Anything was better than something.

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One Voice For Medical Information. Recipe for Success

Making the Perfect Global Medical Information Function You’ll love this recipe for building the successful Global Medical Information function. All variations of the recipe have been tried & tested by many companies. We all seem to come back to the same ideal variation – centralisation with collaboration with affiliates. If you need to provide for big appetites, you’ll need to add in a few hubs to give you cultural and regional flavours.

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Information To Patients – New EU proposals

Patient awareness campaign as seen in a UK service station toilet. Affected by the new proposals or business as usual? What if your new disease awareness leaflets had to be verified by a competent authority? What if your website providing information to patients on POMs had to meet quality standards? And also had to be registered? Would that be a step forward for your country or have unintended consequences?

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Global Domination – or is it?

So many airport terminals look the same but you know you’re in Basel when the ads for pharma companies outnumber those for banks & expensive watches. The 5th annual DIA Medical Information & Communications in Europe conference has come to Pharma City aka Basel this year. Working with my fellow programme committee team mates, we aimed to create a conference to educate and hopefully inspire.

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Help! I want to go freelance.

You’ve had enough of the 8-6 life, you’ve had done one stressed-out school run too many and you’re sick of putting the kids in a local play-scheme all summer, which you know they hate but do because there’s no other option. The world of the corporate refugee beckons. Here’s my advice, for what it’s worth.

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Leadership – It’s the real thing

The Office (UK or US version) continues to be one of the most popular TV programmes depicting life in the office. If you have half-year appraisals coming up, you must watch their version of events Yet I can hardly bear to watch them. I worried that I was becoming David Brent in real life.

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Compliance 101. DIA US Med Comms 2011

As Monica Kwarcinski, Purdue Pharma, reminded us, compliance wasn’t even on the Medical Communications landscape 15 years ago. Today, it’s a very different story. The whole area has become formalised into Medical Information practice and expanded to encompass all of our activities.

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We all get it wrong sometimes – writing skills

I was curious to find out more about the European Center of Pharmaceutical Medicine based in Basel, Switzerland, a city I visit regularly. A friend told me about their course in Pharmaceutical Medicine and wondered about my opinion on it. Time to go check out the content!

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